Victor! About the love of a horse!

The horse from Vicovul de Sus is fine.
I took it, I brought it to Suceava, and it was in a corner of heaven! Care, surgery, sewing, eating, drinking water, and officially is the number three horse in the last two days.

As for the story from Vicovul de Sus.
A man posted on Facebook, and called the police. When I got there, the 'owners' who had come for the horses had already appeared, because there were two horses. The man who had called the police was no more, and the police say that he did not receive any notification from him, this can be clarified and verified. The Roma pulled the broken chest to take it and take it to the slaughterhouse, there was the destination and the purpose of some money, because according to them - it was no longer good for anything, neither to pull, nor to the vet. they had money.
Another character from the village had appeared in the landscape, claiming that this horse had farmed his car, and from there the wound was fired. According to their version, the horses escaped at night or in the morning, ran on the road and crashed into a parked car which had a broken rear window, triple, as if the bar. The Roma boss put 10 million in the man's hand for damages, then they put the injured horse on his head to force him into a van.

There was no way to stop them, I called 112, until the police came, they disappeared with the van, and with the horses. We had started filming them, they were identified, we went to their house with the Police, the horse was hidden in the stable. I called the veterinarian from Vicovul de Sus to come to the scene and provide a minimum of medical care to a horse that had been bleeding for hours, and on top of that, an inspector from ANSVSA Suceava had also been called to come there. Veterinarian Carcea's answer: 'Well, who are you to call me there and give orders?' Who we are?? Normal people, like any other, who asked you for support to help a horse cut at the neck, and you made fun of us !! These are us !!!

It was raining with a bucket, I was at the end of the world, over the forest behind the stable Ukraine was already stretching…. money to take him on horseback, or get out of the yard and take him to the slaughterhouse! The police shrugged, because without a DSV representative I could not take the legal horse.

It's like I was in an episode of Las Fierbinti. The mayor was still missing, that's all. The image of the cut horse that could collapse at any time, the vet's squeal and the distance we were at, and without any help, made us clap with the gypsies. We gave them 10 million on horseback just to run to Suceava and find a doctor.

The horse resisted on the way, and ended up in a mouth of heaven. Alexandru Covaşă, Catalin Siminiuc and Dr. Cretu were waiting for us. Washed, treated, operated, sewn, accommodated at 5 stars, food, water and peace. He didn't even wake up well from the anesthesia, because the poor man didn't know why to start, he was so hungry and thirsty.
He's reached a stud farm… and he's the weakest, ugliest of all the horses out there. But he is our soul's horse, and he will be loved like a thoroughbred.

We do not know the truth about what happened to him in Vicov, and we will never find out. To be hit alone in a car (is it such a stupid horse ?!), that he was cut, we only know the version of those who prepared him for the slaughterhouse, after they let him bleed and agonize for hours whole on the side of the road. Another story buried in silence, but another saved soul. And yesterday's horses are fine. The story of the one from Balaceana last night… I didn't even have time to write it. There is no time!

Thanks again, Alexandru Covasa and Siminiuc Catalin!

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