Royal Canin Veterinary Canine Urinary SOLP 18 Dried food


Dietary food for dogs, dissolves stoned stones, prophylaxis for bacterial cystitis and lower urinary tract diseases, low magnesium content, increases urine volume

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Dogs suffering from lower urinary tract diseases should have a diet that supports the health of the urinary tract. Diseases of the urinary tract can lead to kidney stones (including struvite and calcium oxalate). ROYAL CANIN URINARY S / O food acts as an adjuvant treatment for cystitis and urolithiasis, helping to dissolve crushed stones and crystals. In addition, this food is suitable as a prophylaxis for urinary stones and the treatment of bacterial cystitis. Royal Canin Veterinary Diet - Urinary S / O LP 18 also helps reduce the value of urinary relative supersaturation (RSS) and counteracts kidney stones. Moreover, the food also causes an increase in the volume of urine.

  • Dissolution of crushed crystals / crushed stones
  • Bacterial cystitis
  • Prophylaxis of calcium oxalate stones
  • Prophylaxis of crushed stones

Note: It is recommended that older dogs be tested for renal function before being given Urinary S / O food.


  • Chronic renal failure, metabolic acidosis
  • Heart failure
  • hyperlipidaemia
  • Pancreatitis
  • Concomitant use of urine acidifying drugs
  • Pregnant or lactating bitches and puppies


  • Dissolved stones: The ingredients in URINARY S / O food help to dissolve the stones.
  • Increased urine level: the recipe supports an increase in urine volume, thus reducing the risk of formation of crushed / oxalate stones.
  • Low RSS value: a subsaturated urinary environment that counteracts the spontaneous crystallization of crushed stones or calcium oxalate.
  • Low magnesium content: Magnesium is a major component of crushed stones (magnesium ammonium phosphate).

Duration of treatment:

5 to 12 weeks or until urinary stones / crystals are dissolved. In case of urinary tract infections, this regimen should be followed for at least one month after diagnosis.

More information:

Please make sure that during the illness the dog is fed exclusively with URINARY S / O. Otherwise, the effectiveness of this product is reduced.


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