Canned wet food with chickens for dogs, Cookie, 1.25 kg


Wet Food Cookie with Chicken is a complete food with pieces in sauce with chicken cooked in the oven and sterilized at high temperature, easily digestible food, indicated for the balanced diet of dogs.

Wet canned beef for dogs, Cookie, 1.25 kg

Ingredients: meat and meat products (chicken min 5%), cereals, minerals,
Analytical constituents:
7% crude protein
Gross fat 6%
Fiber 0.5%
Ash 3%
Humidity 80%
Vitamins and mineral supplements:
Vitamin A: 1200 IU / Kg
Vitamin D3: 160 IU / Kg
Vitamin E: 5mg / Kg
Recommended daily dose:
Waist Dog weight Daily dosage (grams)
Small 3-9 kg 400-800
Average 10-15 kg 800-1200
Sea 16-25 kg 1200-1800
Very large 26-35 kg 1800-2700
Giant> 35kg> 2700




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