Wet canned beef for dogs, Cookie, 1.25 kg


Wet Food Cookie with Chicken is a complete food with pieces in sauce with chicken cooked in the oven and sterilized at high temperature, easily digestible food, indicated for the balanced diet of dogs.

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Wet canned beef for dogs, Cookie, 1.25 kg

Ingredients: meat and meat products (chicken min 5%), cereals, minerals,
Analytical constituents:
7% crude protein
Gross fat 6%
Fiber 0.5%
Ash 3%
Humidity 80%
Vitamins and mineral supplements:
Vitamin A: 1200 IU / Kg
Vitamin D3: 160 IU / Kg
Vitamin E: 5mg / Kg
Recommended daily dose:
Waist Dog weight Daily dosage (grams)
Small 3-9 kg 400-800
Average 10-15 kg 800-1200
Sea 16-25 kg 1200-1800
Very large 26-35 kg 1800-2700
Giant> 35kg> 2700




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