The prince who doesn't know how to be a beggar!

The odyssey of purebred dogs continues! Of those born with blue blood to get on the street! The dog samsars have come out on top, the customers have made a fad, and the dogs are the only ones who don't understand why!

Today we have a cocker spaniel. Genuine.
Without a chip, and without a piece of a hind leg. Abandoned and found through Capu Codrului, Păltinoasa. He walked from door to door, hoping to find one open. Begging for food, affection, understanding, anything. And a man to explain why.

He was once the prince of a family. Now a beggar has arrived. And a homeless man, like everyone else. The drama of abandoned purebred dogs cannot be put into words. They are not to blame, except for being born of a tired and multiplied bitch for money. Learn with the good, with the couch and with the plugs, then throw yourself into the jungle. Those born on the street are scoundrels. I know what they are fighting for survival, I know where to look for a corner of bread, where to steal a chicken, and where to shelter their bodies from the cold! But those with blue blood, raised with a thermostat and Royal, how do they do when they are thrown on the road? Now, on the eve of winter?

Romanians are snobs by definition and birth. After the stories of the last two saved bichons, and after the pleadings about the snobbery of the desire to have a purebred dog, we continued to receive hundreds of messages from some who insist that they want a bichon. While hundreds and thousands of no one's dogs are starting to die of cold and hunger on the eve of a winter that hasn't even begun. We're not feeling well anymore. We do not know how to read the lines or between them. Luck will remain with us until we find his man. With white hair in his beard and sad eyes! For a prince is born, and he does not know how to be a beggar! We end by asking him, you needed a purebred dog, right?

Life will follow in her footsteps, and we will allow ourselves to be led by her with love and faith! Sincerely, Roxana! ❤️

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