The story of the cable-tied labrador…

Negligence condemns to suffering! During this week, I received messages from you about a black Labrador walking around the Center area. Unfortunately, the short time and the countless emergencies did not allow us to go to check it, but a good man made a visit with him to the vet to check if it is chipped and posted countless ads on groups of animals in Suceava talking about him. For a while, nothing was heard about the black labrador, but on Friday, July 17, the Local Police contacted us and asked us to go to Zamca to pick up a dog that people noticed as being beaten daily by a neighbor, tied with a cable on the stairwell and left without food or water for days.

We showed up at the scene as soon as possible, but a few minutes before we arrived accompanied by the police crew, the gentleman who owned the animal quickly took him outside. We talked to the neighbors and they confirmed once again that the owner of the dog is not actually his owner, but brought it to the ladder a week ago and since then he abuses him daily, does not offer him the minimum basic conditions, and they are forced to feed him secretly. We left on Friday disappointed, but promising not to give up until we got the dog out of the dehumanized man's clutches.

Today, another gentleman whose parents live in the block in question, asked us to come and pick up the dog, because the individual is not around. In 8 minutes I got there, I found the dog in miserable conditions, extremely scared and anxious. We called the police in a hurry, who initially told us that they could not intervene if the dog was not beaten, and then they called back, sending a patrol to us. A few minutes before the police car drove on the street, the so-called "animal owner" took him on a leash, took him out, applied a correction in front of us and our neighbors, and threatened that when he returned. "Will cut everyone's throat."

Once the police patrol arrived at the scene, a 14-year-old neighbor, hearing the scandal, burst into tears saying that the individual had abused and molested her, both her and other minor girls. The police recorded the girl's words, and we went in pursuit.

For 3 hours, friends of our association to whom we thank and will always be grateful, made countless city tours in search of him, and finally, when they found him and found that he was on his way home, they told us to return with the police.

In a maximum of 5 minutes I arrived in front of the block, waited for the police, entered the block and took the dog (action visible in the live posted today). The individual was not present, which allowed us to move in a timely manner and not cause too much fuss.

If so far it seems a confusing story, we let you know that from here it complicates even more. After the dog came into our custody, we received a message from a young lady stating that the dog belongs to her father, that he leaves the yard when he wants, comes when he wants and that he wants her back. We respectfully announce in this way that a beloved dog should never be left in the lurch for ONE WEEK, without even trying to be searched. The dog is not chipped and will remain in our custody until he heals his traumas caused by the cruel beatings he received day and night, beatings for which both we and the neighbors suffered at the sound of his desperate cries. This act is one of pure negligence, carried out by an irresponsible owner, who chose not to supervise his animal, and it ended up in the hands of a mentally disoriented person, a profile that the police had long considered. In fact, the dog is so gentle as we have rarely encountered, he never retaliated, not even when he was hit before our eyes, docile and loving, so this pure soul remained after the atrocities he suffered. Sometimes we don't really deserve animals.

So, be careful good people, take care of your pets because you never know in whose hands they can reach.

Thanks again to Cosmin Manolache and his wife for their support, dedication and transport, to Cristina Sbîrnea for her involvement and promptness and to the Hladiuc family for their wonderful gifts and care for our small and furry souls! You are wonderful! ❤

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