The Mihoveni case. On another foot of pay…

Head bowed, sword does not cut. This is how the simple man from the country knows, to be silent resignedly and to cry his pain until he erases his time. And yet our man called the police to seek justice. For a villager killed his dog by crushing it with the bucket of the excavator.

Mihoveni. Against the background of an insignificant conflict, a cunning rural man with well-established relationships, he thought in his narrow self to take revenge on the innocent dog of man. So he got behind the wheel of the excavator, went to his sheepfold, started his circus. He deliberately scattered garbage on the pasture so that the sheep would no longer graze, and as if this barking was not enough, he also killed the shepherd by hitting him with the bucket of the excavator.

What I told you happened yesterday, May 1st. The man actually caught the cobbler scattering the garbage, called 112, then under his eyes and that of the child, they also killed his dog. He called the police again, talked about the dog, was 'taught' to take pictures and call a vet. This is the summary of the investigation by the Mihoveni Police regarding the violent death of the dog. The man hoped to be done more justice, but when he saw himself alone in all this history, he did not turn the other cheek. He thought today to talk to a lawyer, and on top of that, to the lawyer of our association. And that's how the story came to us.

Calin was a young shepherd. He was only a year old. He was too good, that's why he was free at the sheepfold. A day after the village police had been notified, I found him there today. Wide, in front of the sheepfold, and full of flies. Violent death of an animal means referral to 112, forensic scientist, district veterinarian, sealing and transport to ANSVSA for autopsy. Which I did today, to the end. Violent death of an animal, or intentional and unlawful killing, is an offense under the Law on the Protection of Animals 205/2004. He is also punished, also under the same law, with imprisonment from three months to one year. Or with a fine, but only for Romanians. Because if you cross the border to the west, and you do the same thing, the sheet changes a bit.

That's about the procedure. Simple. And if the Mihoveni Police didn't know, we had the patience to explain to them exactly how to do it. We have set a precedent from which people can draw conclusions and learn! Don't be silent, don't let your head or your eyes go! Nothing! But to complain, because there is a Law!

Călin ended up sealed in a bag at ANSVSA.
He was taken by a veterinarian from Șcheia, together with us and the association's lawyer. Next week we will have an autopsy bulletin, which will also be used in court. Just as they were with us and did their job in all the other cases we had, we still count on the support of ANSVSA.
From what I understand, it seems that the Prosecutor's Office attached to the Suceava Court of Law notified itself ex officio. Today.

Thanks to this man who had the courage to stand up and speak. Thanks to our lawyer, today and to this man, Bogdan Voronca. And if we remember correctly, four years ago when our NGO was born, when no one knew or cared about us, and when we were going to do our founding documents, Bogdan was the only lawyer who he supported us pro bono. Otherwise, metropolitan scores and rates. And thanks to the people of today, to those who helped. But also to those who did not help.

As for this jmecher and barosan contemporary of Mihoveni, a kind of protégé with high influences, and he knows what we are saying, let him learn something today. That justice is done by the authorities and in court. Not in the field. And not his head.

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