A love!

Psychologists say that a personal or collective crisis does not tarnish people's character, as it is wrongly believed, but only reveals it. So is the pandemic war we have been waging for half a year. We deceive ourselves into believing that people used to be better and more empathetic. They were exactly the same, except that there were fewer ways to express the roots of self-destructing Homo Sapiens.

It was in this context that I met Oscar. Somewhere through Șcheia, tied to a hill behind a house whose owners had moved from there. But they didn't need an Oscar. He had heard the news that he was extremely aggressive, and at the mercy of some neighbors he was fed from time to time only from a distance. With a shovel. Water only from the rain. The old belt around his neck was about three holes wider, and he could leave the chain at any time. But where to go, if his house was there? His crooked legs were rickets, his ribs were leather, and he was a shadow of a dog that had once been a Rottweiler.

Oscar was actually a good dog, but only he knew that. I put him alone in a pen, because I had heard the legend of shoveling. One day a man appears in the shelter to adopt a dog. He sees Oscar, and they haven't parted from each other since. Then the man finds out that he has to go to England to work, to make money. Because he had a sick little girl at home who had to be operated on in Germany. And he had no money for surgery. But he doesn't want to go to London without Oscar. Meanwhile, the covid had taken over the planet, we became captives in houses, in our own fears, actors in scenarios that changed from one night to the next, and we left the house with papers.

The man can no longer go to London, all flights canceled, but he continues to come to the shelter every day to see his dog, to bring him food from home, to walk him in the field and through the forest. I forbade them to come, because we lived and were partakers of collective fear and psychosis. I had even threatened him to announce the filter installed in Pătrauți to turn it off the road. Then I met Oscar… who was waiting for him, looking for him. We realized that we are crazy, and that we react instinctively to fear. Like animals. Now, after five months, I realize that we feared anxiety more than the disease itself. We are weak and vulnerable. And the only way to our souls is to take on these vulnerabilities. And I assumed them, because I asked the man for forgiveness, and I asked him to come to the shelter every day.

Fear passed, psychosis, the pandemic season, planes began to fly, and our man and his dog left for London. Together. I am inseparable, both at work and at home. I get pictures of their happiness, and Oscar's story takes me back in time. And in a story about how he was abandoned by his masters, about the day he met his man, but also about fear. We were afraid together, and we will never forget, because the mind is a complicated and perverse mechanism. But we accepted our fears, we forgave each other, we found a way together to get over everything, Oscar. Thanks to the man for this story, Sorin Barbosu! Thanks to the other friends who lined up the planets for Oscar! Găbița, Corina and Ligia! Life will follow in her footsteps, and we will allow ourselves to be led by her with love and faith! With love, Roxana! ❤️

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