Don't give a Christmas responsibility! ๐ŸŽ„

It takes 10-20 years of financial and emotional involvement to raise a dog or cat. Please do not adopt or buy animals in order to give them as gifts!

We are back in that time of year when parents are desperately looking to buy and / or adopt an animal for their children. What many do not understand is that any animal, be it a hamster, parrot, puppy or cat, assumes a permanent responsibility.

Remove us from your Christmas shopping list! โ‡

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. little ones, once we choose to adopt an animal, we do it for life, not just during the holidays!

We must contribute to the formation of the moral conscience of the little ones by teaching them that we must be patient until the baby begins to defecate, that we must tolerate the behavior of gnawing things, of destroying them from a specific childish joy, we must crystallize the notion by reminding and reminding children that the animal must be vaccinated, periodically dewormed, sterilized at the right age, walked to consume its energy (whether it is blizzarding outside, raining heavily or hot), that we cannot leave it alone at home for too long as some of them may exhibit undesirable behavior based on separation anxiety from their masters.

When we take an animal, we take responsibility and we can't alienate it if it bites the couch, if it defecates on the carpet, if it barks too much and too loudly or if it still doesn't know how to walk on a leash. Any learned behavior can know the change or in Romanian "every learning has a lesson", but people must be actively involved in the process of change.

Souls are non-refundable!

When we choose to give a child a Christmas animal, we make sure that the family and implicitly the little one understand both the joys and the hardships that raising an animal requires. We don't just throw away an innocent soul in the streets after the holidays!

Choose wisely for the holidays! Choose awareness over ephemeral joy! โ‡ Adopt with your head!

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