Between abandonment and dehumanization

Welcome to Pocoleni Village!
We are greeted with warmth and hospitality by the beautifully colored European tin and the proud tricolor. And the stars of the union that keep reminding us that we have evolved. Really?

An old shepherd lay at the foot of the building for more than two weeks. Here she also found her bed, because the painted board of the town hall offered her a gram of shadow. Even so. Nearby the proud village, villas, civilization and people. And in the other direction the field as you can see with your eyes, and a sheepfold. We got a call, we went after the dog.

A German shepherd bitch who was proud and proud of her life. But from which remained a shadow, and two eyes almost extinguished by so much sadness. He can barely walk with his hind legs, he can barely eat with his few teeth, breast tumors, and almost bald on his back. Dog with CIP and owner. Contacted by phone, and recommending me as a villager from Pocoleni, the man says that the shepherd ran away from home a month ago, and she just won't leave the house in a state of emergency after a dog. And he will look for him later. I don't know what 'later' means, I thought in the evening, or the next day. But a week has passed since our conversation. Time when the man never called back to ask which cochleas the bitch is. Nothing. Quiet.

The old woman has come to us, and she will stay here.
Worse than the diseases that afflict her is the sadness in her eyes. And we don't know how to explain that he never deserved the man he grew up with. We would find out later that a good lady from Falticeni who passed by on the way to work every day, fed her, forced her, and even brought a veterinarian from the village to check her for CIP. And the owner had once been contacted, he was told that his dog was lying in the field, but his reactions were zero. Later, I found out from the shepherds that the shepherdess had been abandoned there in a car.

Why do you take your dogs, if in the moments when they need you the most, you give them away? Give money to purebred females, impose them and earn them, and when your physique no longer holds them, throw them away like rags! If the man sees the post, we officially inform him in this way that we actually called him. And we also inform him that for abandonment and ill-treatment there is a law that he has not heard of. But still in vain.
Like the stars of the union on the town hall board.

Don't ask us to write his identity, justice is done by the competent bodies, and not on Facebook. And the purpose of our association is not can can. But he fights with people like him, and with the suffering of animals.

Otherwise, we hear each other well!
Welcome to Pocoleni!

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