Chicken heart

I received the package at Emmy, sent from somewhere in Liteni. Packed in a cardboard box, with a pair of pants, and some newspapers.

We were told he couldn't walk, that's all we knew.
I said that she may be rickets, hungry or hit, but after consultations and x-rays we would find out that she has a birth defect, and that she will never walk again. In fact, it never worked.

It grew well, and fast. And today I put it in a loan cart for the first time. The cart of another paralyzed man, because one so small fixed for three months, does not even exist. We don't know what was in her soul today, she didn't understand why she needed a cart, but she went first.

And we lived another lesson about life.
About unspoken and assumed pain, resignation, courage, hope and faith!

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