Hell of horses

The history of the Romanian was written on horseback. And with the horse. We also wrote his immortal fairy tales and stories with him. Meanwhile, the Romanian changed his face. And his horse became a slave. Romania does not respect its animals. And then why would the Romanian do it? By birth, a traditional. Who loves the traditional family, unwritten dogmas and laws.

The paradox makes the Romanian kneel down and the only animal on the back of which he produces something. Something… .anything. I met Spirit in Bălăceana. In June this year. They beat him until he fell with the cart into a ditch. And because he could not get up, they hit him with the handle of the whip over his head and over his eyes until they left him almost blind. And the tears on the cheek of a horse sting with helplessness. It was the last night he saw his master. Three months have passed since then, during which time he learns only about peace and freedom.

The Master of the Spirit returned the next day to retrieve his horse. After he woke up drunk. The horse was gone, and he didn't understand why. A traditional local, living in a traditional family. No, we don't want traditional families anymore! We want modern families, emancipated, educated, polite, read, who do not have the toilet in the backyard, who do not have a notebook in the tavern, who do not drink the children's allowance, who do not wear a lamb's hat and brocade, who do not fight among themselves , husband on wife, wife on children, children on parents and vice versa, who do not dig their noses in public, who do not beat their horses, who do not put their dogs in chains, who… ..and who. All we have left is consolation, and if we console ourselves, we go back.

We do not generalize, we do not nominate. Life will follow in her footsteps, and we will allow ourselves to be led by her with love and faith. With love, Roxana ❤️

Spirit 🖤

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