Essay on love!

Once upon a time there was a bitch I rescued from Burdujeni and who arrived at a NATO military base in Great Britain. Promoted from Police to Special Forces. And because Christmas is about stories that are told and shared, that are woven or born before our eyes, we have chosen to write you a different story tonight. Immortal. A story about the love we carry inside us forever. And then, when we leave this earth, we take the other world with us. On June 17, 2019, on the day of Pentecost, the boys from the Local Police, Burdujeni section, asked us for support with a bitch hit by a car. Nice and kind as we always knew them, the police brought the bitch to the vet, and from there it remained in our care. A fractured leg, surgery, the bitch recovered, put back on all fours and christened Rusalia after the great celebration in which she was saved.

We receive a very nice message from a Romanian woman settled in England. He fell in love with Rusalia, they also had a dog rescued from a shelter in Craiova. But not any kind of dog, but a totally unadopable, traumatized, abandoned in the shelter, which they totally assumed. We talked a lot on the phone, we made sure she was in good hands, we made papers and papers, and then we sent Rusalia on the journey of her life. Our Romanian? Meda Sandu. She graduated from Sava High School in Bucharest and was admitted to Boston University in medicine. Things that required some work, in addition to the intelligence provided. Meda volunteered to wander the farthest recesses and ravines in Africa. To be truly happy, she had to help others. He went to the other side of the world to lend a helping hand to children from troubled families, starving, raped, AIDS-stricken, prostitute mothers, drugged fathers, sick grandparents. After studying, he settled in the UK, married Tim, a UK officer in the Royal Marines Special Forces. Rusalia arrived in England on September 19, 2019. A dream life. A family of beautiful young people, intellectuals, walks, vacations, love, civilization. We receive pictures, we talk to them, we exchange messages. So beautiful. We send them by courier the CD with the x-ray that preceded the surgery of Russia, because they were going to do life insurance. Last year in lock down, Meda sent us masks and creams for our hands cracked by so much alcohol and disinfectant. We always kept in touch with them, we were very happy for Rusalia and especially because Meda did not forget her country and offered an extraordinary chance to a poor shelter.

In July 2020, Medea's husband Tim dies. He was only 37 years old. Suddenly, cardiac arrest, they later found out about the autoimmune disease. We found out about two months later, in September.

I had just lost a good friend from Suceava, Alexandra Carpan. And Meda found the strength to write to us. Below is his message, a message we read and reread, which left us speechless… when there was so much to say: 'Hi, I saw your post about Alexandra. I'm terribly sorry. I know what it means and it is very difficult to accept when a young person and especially with a good soul is taken so early, and nothing I can tell you will caress or take the pain. All I can tell you is that in time, the pain turns into an even stronger love that will fill your soul with good feelings, but hardly and very slowly - at least that's what I hope will be the end. I haven't told you yet, but my husband Tim, Russia's father, died in July at the age of 37. Something asymptomatic, suddenly, one night he had a cardiac arrest, an autoimmune disease that weakened his heart without being detected. He was an officer in the UK, in the Royal Marines Special Forces, and he was the healthiest, strongest person I have ever met. The result of the autoimmune disease was given almost a month after many tests, because the autopsy did not show anything. It is very painful and difficult for the rest. Especially for Rusalia, who has barely been taken out of the house since she died, who has been on the road for a few minutes because she doesn't want to go for a walk. She is sad, although she has recovered in recent weeks, but she is waiting for him. They loved each other very much, and she lived with him in the NATO military base, the top secret base, and had been promoted from police to special forces. I can't tell you how happy you made him with Rusalia, he called me and told me how special she is, how cool and loving, and weird at the same time, and how she felt when he was upset. As she buried her toys under him, and as they both slept in bed, and as the light went out, she went to bed with him. She was his alarm. When the alarm goes off, she lets him snooze twice, the third one comes and kicks him in the head! ❤️ I didn't see a connection like theirs, and now she had moved to a base in Scotland where she could hardly wait to pick it up, she had 5km of grass around the base, and she really likes it (I took her there when she -I emptied the room⁇) and she was with me. You will also see the video in which, although he does not drink water from the bowl, he emptied his water bottle ❤ It's as impressive as it still stands and waits for him. I couldn't write to you earlier because I was actually distraught, but slowly for Rusa and Polly I have to move on with him. I'm sending you some pictures (the picture of him and she was the picture I put everywhere at his funeral ❤), instead of flowers I asked for donations for you and for the NGO where I got Polly from, if you receive in memory Tim or Maj TMB Addison RM is for him (possible and unsigned), I hope it will gather a little to you can do something I hope in the future we can work together to do something in his memory, maybe a playground for dogs in the shelter, maybe a building for the sick or disabled, at the moment I am not able but in the future I would love it and I know that and he would have loved it. Kiss you and hold on tight! '

Tim and Rusalia have been together for less than a year. It was the love of his life. The connections between us are permanent, and their traces remain in all that we are, even when people no longer exist in our lives. Meda went through all sorts of carousels, losses, trials. But he knew how to find that deep love that transforms, converts hearts, destinies and that finally draws a rainbow in the sky… when the rain came and he couldn't find answers! Merry Christmas, Meda! ⁇ With your puppies! These lines are for you! We hug you with love! You are the most beautiful and powerful man in the world! Below are pictures with the rescue of Russia, with the story life with Meda and Tim, with Meda's volunteering in Africa.

Life will follow in her footsteps, and we will allow ourselves to be led by her with love and faith! Sincerely, Roxana!

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