Mrs. Albina

Today I shot on the right for a few minutes somewhere in the Albina area, under a piece of shade. Gather papers from the car, thoughts and worries, and make a plan for another half day, so that I don't step twice in the same place. A lady is walking on the other sidewalk. Old, but so chic! With a white hat and a white dog.

He keeps up with the dog. The dog's footsteps heavy, swaying, and trembling with its hind legs. From time to time he stumbled, the lady approached him and whispered something to him, he seemed to understand her words, and he took courage to take her again. I wanted to meet her. So I looked for my job to talk to her, and I asked her how old the puppy is. Then I sat at the stories like in the big break from school!

His name is Al, and he's only 11 years old. He was rescued from the streets when he was only a month old, and raised in the house, in bed, in the family, and in the apartment! With her voice trembling, the lady tells me that she has already started to walk hard, to get rid of her legs, and her bones hurt. I ask her if she has a veterinarian or needs support! He smiles at me, and points his finger at Mr. Dodoiu's doctor's office. I smile too, and I ask her… Mr. Dodoiu must be old, right? And I am reminded of the times when Dr. Dodoiu was among the few veterinarians in Suceava, and of the times when I was glued under the walls of his office with all the creatures I could find from the Sanitary High School, to Piata Mica and the station rescue, because that's where I grew up. And with the day-old chickens that were sold in Piata Mica for 5 lei, but they gave me the sick ones for free. And with which I went to Dr. Dodoiu, then I raised them on the balcony, I caught flies with a paddle and fed them, and as soon as their wings grew, my grandparents moved their residence to the country. But I was bringing others. Always.

I dared to ask Mrs. Maria Cuciureanu how old she is! It has many, and beautiful! And tomorrow is his birthday! In the bag he had half a page from a Lidl magazine, and an empty bag from a sliced bagel. Ready in case Al poops on the sidewalk. And that's how it's been for 11 years, always. He was very happy to tell me about how many souls he saved, how many cats among the blocks, and how many broken-winged pigeons he covered with bee honey and aloe. Then she complained about the wickedness of the people, and of the neighbors who judge her, and quarrel with her, point the finger at her, and they can't fit animals! And I told him a word I learned from Father Pimen… that only the mouth of the world closes the earth! And I told her she was wonderful!

Happy birthday, for tomorrow, Mrs. Maria! You are exactly as I would like to be at your age! Coquettish, nice, optimistic, with red nails and full of saved souls! Life will follow in her footsteps, and we will allow ourselves to be led by her with love and faith. With love, Roxana ❤️

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