Your fun is a terror to us!

There are many traditional Romanian customs that will not be forgotten. Scorcova, plowman, goat, bear, ugly, carols on Christmas Eve. The Romanians are careful to preserve them and take them out of the mothballs with great joy as their time approaches. Another common practice is to greet the New Year with loud noises, in order to "drive away evil spirits." And it would not be a problem if it continued, but the habit was subject to a personal interpretation of the people which resulted in the frequent and persistent use of Firecrackers, firecrackers, pyrotechnic articles.

They are in the P1 category and are NOT intended for personal entertainment use! It is permitted to use them in extreme cases, by persons in danger, to remove aggressive or wild animals that threaten their physical integrity, by farmers or other professional categories that use pyrotechnic articles for TECHNICAL purposes.

Over time, firecrackers and firecrackers have done more harm than good. Last year, 112 people were injured, suffering serious injuries, one of them even dying, all due to non-compliance with the legislation on pyrotechnic materials. As we evolve, we need to open our minds and souls and understand that these objects are extremely dangerous, and the ephemeral joy is felt only by the one who sets them on fire, and their effect impacts both adults, children and animals. they are left with irreparable trauma after such a shock.

We always walk into the new year with tears and sighs, upset and indignant because we find many dead puppies in the shelter, on the first day after New Year's Eve. All dead for fear of the bangs, under the terror of the villagers throwing firecrackers towards the shelter or in its vicinity.

Every year, since the first days of January, the messaging of our page is full of impatient owners, whose four-legged friends have escaped from home, as a result of the shock experienced on New Year's Eve. And every year we experience a truly exhausting despair when we are alerted to animals whose firecrackers and firecrackers exploded in their mouths, as a result of the amusement of people lacking morality and discernment.

You have the power to change something, to plead for peace and to avoid many tragedies! You have free will and you can understand that although such materials are accessible to the general public, they are prohibited, and their use for personal entertainment is punishable by penalties! You can choose to NOT use them and enjoy other customs and traditions, less harmful to those around you, people or animals! Choose not to be selfish, because your fun is terror for non-speakers!


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