International Animal Day! And the people who love them!

Today is the world day of all our non-speaking friends! And ours! Of those who love, cherish, respect and share with them the moments and existence!

Also today is the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, the heavenly protector of animals and nature. And browsing through Google about his life, I found out that through his kindness and wisdom he was able to speak, heal, communicate and tame animals. History tells us how he made peace with the wolf. It is said that an Italian village, Gubbio, was terrorized by a wolf, and everyone was armed with forks and shovels to kill him. Until one day when St. Francis decided to go to the wolf and talk to him. People thought he was crazy. And the saint says to the wolf: 'I know that you only want food, and that is why you kill and destroy. But I promise you the villagers will feed you, and you promise me you won't hurt anyone. ' The wolf takes his paw, they made a pact, they started a beautiful friendship.

It is also said that the wolf lived for two years with the villagers, and walked through the houses of the people who fed and cared for him. They loved him so much that when the wolf died - they built a church, and his head is buried under the altar. St. Francis is also considered the first ecologist in history to talk about the importance of understanding man with nature, and living in harmony.

It is also said that for his great humility, purity, holiness, and love for all creation, God made him understand the speech of animals, speak to them, and preach them like men. He once stopped by an almond tree and said, 'Tell me something about God!' And the almond blossomed instantly 🙂

In the meantime, mankind has learned nothing. We are waging a war against nature. Two-thirds of the world's wildlife populations have disappeared in less than 50 years. Three billion animals have been killed in fires in Australia. We give up. We're killing. We destroy their habitats. And we move forward only out of inertia, deceiving ourselves that some of us are good, and saving.

For their Day, I saved a few souls. One of them with his neck cut, here in the pictures. He may never have had friends, but he has us today.

Life will follow in her footsteps, and we will allow ourselves to be led by her with love and faith! Sincerely, Roxana! ❤️

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