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No one's dogs remained anyone's. If until yesterday I could still see their faces, and they could still hear their cries, now no one does. For men hid themselves from one another, and from themselves. Today, for the holiday, it's like I rang the interior bells.

Without words, without echo, and in the silence of each of us. We no longer know about time, about the days of the week. And the silence in which we have deepened sometimes becomes deafening.

We are waiting. And the burden of waiting on our shoulders is heavier than that of river slabs. Uncertainty gives rise to new fears that we never thought we would know.

And what seems to shake us more now is actually the fear born in our psyche, bigger and more contagious than the microbe that brought us to our knees.

The pandemic seems to be splitting the waters. Separating the essentials of life from all that was superfluous. But the sun rose. Trees give birth to buds, the earth to grass, birds return, and beauty will save the world! Life knows how to go only forward, and we have a duty to follow it with love and faith!


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