The case of Pârteștii de Jos, poaching and other illegalities

In Bucovina, in a piece of forest between Cacica and Partestii de Jos, and in a story about crimes, illegalities, use of weapons, poachers, foresters, hunters, shepherds, veterinarians, police and other state institutions. And finally, about a poor stray dog attacked by other dogs with owners, then shot!

A man has been looking for justice for years, but he is alone, old and a little far away, in a mountain village. On June 9, he comes again to Suceava to complain to a public institution (it will follow), and he does it even if he doesn't know how many times. The institution listens to him, and sends two inspectors to the field to analyze his wishes. SC - still called our witness, has been lamenting for years the illegal deforestation and grazing of sheep on the forest estate, and on the hunting ground. Among the problems that press him, he also tells them about a poor stray man who lies in the forest broken by the shepherds from the sheepfold, dogs with an owner. The inspectors listen to him, go to the sheepfold to do their job, and the quiet man at home is convinced that people will call a veterinarian (although it was not within their competence, but only related to their human side).

The next day, the witness finds the dog still there. Call 112 to ask for support, he is contacted by the police, finally with the local veterinarian from Partestii de Jos, TG. Crazy about the head, the man calls the newspaper, at Monitorul de Suceava. The press contacts us, and here we enter the story!

I found the dog in the woods agonizing on the bank of a stream. A black girl, good, broken, full of wounds, could not stand. I called 112, the police, the gendarmerie, we are told that the veterinarian had been notified since the first call of the witness. We explained to them in vain that the poor dog was still there, they almost didn't believe us, and they made us wait. The vet also shows up. We expect an elderly man, like most people who work in state veterinary districts. But he was a young boy, who fell in the middle innocently, and I got it in vain. But from which we would find out - ATTENTION !! that the district doctor had sent him in the morning, after the man's call to 112, to GET RID of the dog !! Our veterinarian, AM, had come to the puppy in the first hour, but not to groom him according to the order above, but to give him first aid and to heal his wounds, but he went closed, so that the other doctor would not find out. This man graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Cluj two years ago, returned home, and since then he has been fighting windmills, and is trying to change his mentality in a mountain village. He has no office, no material possibilities to make one, so he helps the chief veterinarian around. And he walks through the village to help people, to convince them to vaccinate their dogs, at least Antirabic, he treats their horses and cattle, and he drives the ambulance in the trunk.

It is unreal that in the morning of the same day, the shepherd from the sheepfold contacts the young veterinarian, and urgently calls him to make 'order' with the shepherds, that is to vaccinate them, put a chip on them, make them health cards, that is, to legalize them. We asked: how did the shepherd know that there would be disturbances that day, and that the police would come? How did the shepherd know that our witness had called 112? The doctor had been to the sheepfold, but he was not allowed to do his job until the end, that is, he was made to chip and vaccinate only a part of the dogs.

In the end, the crew arrives, and we will go up to the sheepfold together. But the witness and the veterinarian refused to go with the agent, due to conflict of interest, the agent being acquainted with the shepherd, and in many of the previous complaints of the witness - this agent had been present, which seems to have been somewhat subjective in investigations. Another crew from Humor is sent to us, papers are taken, pictures are taken, the dog is picked up, and in the end - they refuse to accompany us to the sheepfold, motivating that it is not within their competence. Only here did we start to lose our patience, well whose competence is it when the man tells them that the shepherds from the sheepfold have broken the dog? Under the pressure of the fact that we wanted to call another crew, they accompanied us to the sheepfold, but late, obviously, the shepherd was no longer there.

We arrive at night with the dog at the vet in Suceava. Infused, stabilized, hospitalized, and after the x-rays we have another shock - the dog had also been shot, sifted, full of alice, broken bones, dusty legs. From June 10, until Friday when she was discharged, the puppy struggled to survive, and the doctor pulled her to keep her alive, and to rebuild her legs. One leg was amputated, another has pads and screws. He had days, because one alice was enough to touch a vital organ, but they all got to their feet. Can't we imagine the scenario of how she was shot and escaped with her life, maybe she was crouched already wounded by the shepherds, and the bastard didn't continue to shoot thinking she was dead?

We have no certainty that the use of a weapon has anything to do with the shepherd who owns the shepherds, this is the job of the Police to find out! Yesterday we went to Capu Campului to talk to the hunting guard, SS - who confirmed what we already knew: since the pandemic started, there has been NO authorized hunting game, and no Hunting Authorization issued! As for the use of a hunting weapon, a hunter is NOT allowed to leave the house with a weapon unless he has an Authorization, if he trains in the training ground, or if he uses it in case of self-defense - Art. 37, Law 295/2004 on the regime of weapons and ammunition.

We also know that hunters are free to fight stray dogs and cats on the hunting ground, but NOT anyway, and NOT always, as their muscles want. In Law 407/2006 on the hunting and protection of the hunting fund, and 149/2015 which modifies and completes the first one, at Art. 18, par. (4) - it is written in black and white that these actions are done only by the specialized personnel of the hunting fund manager (in this case, the hunting guard) or by hunters ONLY on the occasion of authorized hunters. What did they do with this dog? A crime! Poaching, hunting without authorization, provided in Art. 42 of the same Law, and which is punishable by imprisonment! Some good people who changed your legislation, added in 2015 a key word in the Hunting Law: CAPTURE! So you also have the option to capture the dogs and cats found in the forest, not just shoot them! How many of them know that ?!

And for the authorities who will handle this case, but also for hunters, let's clarify some terms - dog and cat are defined as 'pets' or, as the case may be, 'stray animals' - in Law 60/2004 on the ratification of the European Convention for pet protection, signed in Strasbourg on June 23, 2003, and in Order no. 523/2008. There is also Law 205/2004 on Animal Protection, which says that the practice of shooting at 'domestic animals' or intentional killing is cruel and is punishable by PENALTY. With the exception of animals intended for slaughter, and dogs and cats do not fall into this category. Or this term of 'stray dog' is in fact considered a domestic animal, not being included in any annex of the hunting law 407/2006. We also ask - what is the etymology and genealogical tree of the term 'wanderer' - from the moment someone - sometime - introduced it into a law ?! Is it maybe a new species of dog? Are we defying science and inventing a new species? It's getting complicated, isn't it?

If there are hunters among the followers of the page who will send pictures of two rabbits and a deer torn by a dog, we want to answer them now (to save them from extra effort) that yes, true, there are exceptions, but based these isolated cases are abuses, illegalities and crimes!

The same shepherd called the hunting guard to get rid of the dogs, that is, to shoot them. The guard seems to be a Man, because if he shot them, he would have shot them every time the sheep grazed illegally in the forest, and the dogs accompanied the herds without jujeu, these being other illegalities. But poor dogs are not to blame!

We need the support of the authorities! Who enters the forest with a hunting weapon without authorization? A poacher! We have not filed any complaint, nor will we, but we hope for a self-notification from the authorities. We provide all the collected materials, all the work, pictures, videos, and the veterinarian can request a medical report, x-rays, the extracted ammunition. And impressions. As for the other illegalities claimed by our witness to various state institutions - it will follow.

In conclusion.
We make fun of each other, and together of this country! They shot this puppy, but they didn't even kill her, but let her torment and agonize, which - in our opinion, is worse than murder! And someone has to pay for her pain! I christened her Alice, but not from Wonderland… but from the alice that destroyed her legs!

‼ ️ Please support us, and be with us! PLEASE send notifications, with copy-paste of the text, improved as you deem appropriate, based on Law 204/2005, online to the Suceava Police:

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