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Category: Law legislation and authorities

Law legislation and authorities

The case of Pârteștii de Jos, poaching and other illegalities

In Bucovina, in a piece of forest between Cacica and Partestii de Jos, and in a story about crimes, illegalities, gun use, poachers, foresters, gamekeepers, shepherds, veterinarians, police and other state institutions. And finally, about a poor stray attacked by other dogs with owners, then shot!

A man has been searching for justice for years, but he is alone, old and far away in a mountain hut. On 9 June he comes again to Suceava to complain to a public institution (it will follow), and he does it for the umpteenth time. The institution listens to him, and sends two inspectors to the field to analyze his complaints. S.C. - still called our witness, has been complaining for years about illegal logging and sheep grazing on the forest land and on the hunting grounds. Among the problems he has to deal with, he tells them about a poor stray dog lying in the forest, broken by the shepherds of the sheepfold, dogs with an owner. The inspectors listen to him, go to the sheepfold to do their job, and the man quietly goes home convinced that the people will call a veterinarian (although it was not their competence, but only their human side).

The next day, the witness finds the dog still there. He calls 112 to ask for help, is contacted by the police, and finally by the local vet in Partestii de Jos, T.G. The vet reprimands the man for making such a nuisance and calling the police about a dog, and the story ends. Crazy in the head, the man calls the newspaper, the Monitorul de Suceava. The press contacts us, and here we enter the story!

We found the dog in the woods dying on the bank of a waterfall. A little black girl, good, broken, full of wounds, could no longer stand. We called 112, the police, the gendarmerie, we were told that the vet had been notified since the first witness call. We explained in vain that the poor dog was still there, they almost didn't believe us, and they made us wait. The vet shows up. We were expecting an old man, like most people who work in state veterinary districts. But he was a young guy, who also fell in the middle innocently, and we took him in for nothing. But from whom we had to find out - WARNING!!! that the district doctor had sent him in the morning, after the man's call to 112, to get rid of the dog!!! Our vet, A.M., had come to the dog first thing in the morning, but not to kill it as ordered from above, but to give it first aid and to dress its wounds, but he went in, so that the other doctor would not find out. This man finished the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Cluj two years ago, came back home, and since then he has been fighting the windmills, and trying to change mentalities in a mountain village. He has no practice, nor the material possibilities to build one, so he helps the head vet around. And he goes around the village to help people, to convince them to vaccinate their dogs at least against rabies, he treats their horses and cattle, and drives around with his mobile practice in his trunk.

Unreal is the fact that in the morning of the same day, the shepherd of the stable contacts the young veterinarian, and urgently calls him to 'tidy up' the shepherds, i.e. to vaccinate them, to chip them, to make them health cards, i.e. to make them legal. We ask: how did the shepherd know that there would be trouble that day, and that the police would come? How did the shepherd know that our witness had called 112? The doctor had been at the sheepfold, but he was not allowed to do his job to the end, i.e. he was asked to search and vaccinate only part of the dogs.

Eventually the crew arrives, and we climb up to the stable together. But the witness and the vet refuse to go with the agent, on the grounds of conflict of interest, the agent being an acquaintance of the shepherd, and in many of the witness's previous complaints - present had been this agent, who had apparently been rather subjective in his investigations. Another team from Humor is sent to us, they make maps, take pictures, pick up the dog, and finally - they refuse to accompany us to the sheepfold, saying that it is not their competence. It was only at this point that we started to lose patience, but whose competence is it when the man tells them that the shepherds at the sheepfold have broken the dog? Under the pressure of wanting to call another crew, they accompanied us to the sheepfold, but late, obviously the shepherd was no longer there.

We arrive at night with the dog at the vet in Suceava. Perfused, stabilized, hospitalized, and after X-rays we have another shock - the dog had been shot, riddled, full of pellets, broken bones, legs shattered. From June 10, until Friday when she was discharged, the puppy fought to live, and the doctor pulled to keep her alive, and rebuild her legs. One leg was amputated, another has plates and screws. She had days, as it only took one nail to touch a vital organ, but they all hit her legs. We can't imagine the scenario of how she was shot and escaped with her life, maybe she was crouched down already wounded by the shepherds, and the bastard didn't keep shooting thinking she was dead?

We have no certainty that the use of the gun has anything to do with the shepherd who owns the shepherds, that is for the Police to find out! Yesterday we went to Capu Campului to talk to the hunting warden, S.S - who confirmed what we already knew: since the pandemic started there has been NO authorized hunting party, and NO Hunting License issued! As for the use of a hunting weapon, a hunter is NOT allowed to leave the house with a weapon unless he has an Authorization, if he is training in a shooting range, or if he is using it in self-defence - Art. 37, Law 295/2004 on the regime of weapons and ammunition.

We also know that hunters are allowed to fight roaming cats and dogs on the hunting grounds, but NOT anyhow, and NOT anytime, as their muscles want. In the Law 407/2006 on hunting and protection of the hunting grounds, and 149/2015 amending and supplementing the former, in Art. 18, para. (4) - it is written in black and white that these actions are done only by the specialized staff of the game fund manager (in this case, the game warden) or by hunters ONLY on the occasion of authorized hunts. What have they done with this dog? An offence! Poaching, hunting without authorization, provided for in Art. 42 of the same Law, and punishable by imprisonment! Some good people who amended your legislation, added in 2015 a key word in the Hunting Law: CAPTURE! So you also have the option to capture dogs and cats found in the woods, not just shoot them! How many of them know this?!

And for the authorities who will manage this case, but also for hunters, let's clarify some terms - dog and cat are defined as 'pets' or as the case may be, 'animals without master' - in Law 60/2004 on the ratification of the European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals, signed in Strasbourg on 23 June 2003, and in Order 523/2008. Then there is Law 205/2004 on the Protection of Animals, which says that shooting 'domestic animals' or intentionally killing them constitutes cruelty and is punishable by CRIMINAL law. The exception is animals intended for slaughter, and dogs and cats do not fall into this category. The term 'roaming dog' is in fact considered a domestic animal and is not included in any annex of the hunting law 407/2006. We ask - what is the etymology and family tree of the term 'wanderer' - since someone - sometime - introduced it in a law?! Is it perhaps a new species of dog? Are we defying science and inventing a new species? It's getting complicated, isn't it?

If there are among the followers of the page hunters who will send pictures of two rabbits and a deer torn by a dog, we want to answer them now (to save them from an extra effort) that yes, true, there are exceptions, but based on these isolated cases there are abuses, illegalities and crimes!

The same shepherd called the gamekeeper to get rid of the dogs, i.e. to shoot them. The gamekeeper seems to be Om, because if he had to shoot them, he would have shot them every time the sheep grazed illegally in the forest, and the dogs accompanied the herds without a roost, which are other illegalities. But the poor dogs are not to blame!

We need the support of the authorities! Who enters the forest with a hunting gun without a permit? A poacher! We have not filed a complaint, nor will we, but we hope for a self-investigation by the authorities. We make available all the material collected, all the work, photos, videos, and the veterinarian can ask for medical reports, X-rays, ammunition extracted. And impressions. As for the other illegalities reported by our witness to the various state institutions - will follow.

Bottom line.
We mock each other and this country together! They shot this puppy, but they didn't even kill it, they left it to suffer and agonize, which - in our opinion - is worse than killing! And someone has to pay for her pain! We named her Alice, but not after Wonderland... but after the pebbles that destroyed her legs!

‼️ Please support us, and be with us! PLEASE send your complaints, with copy-paste of the text, improved as you see fit, based on Law 204/2005, online to Suceava Police:

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Law legislation and authorities

Mihoveni case. On another leg of the...

Cap bowed, the sword does not cut it. That's what the simple country man knows, to keep quiet resigned and weep his sorrows until time erases them. And yet the man our man called the police to seek justice. Because a fellow citizen killed his dog by crushing it with the shovel.

Mihoveni. On amidst a petty conflict, a well-connected rural hustler to take revenge on the dog, who had been in a tight spot for a while. innocent dog. So he got behind the wheel of his backhoe, got drove up to his stable, started his circus. He scattered them in the manner deliberately littering the pasture to keep the sheep from grazing, and as if this mischief was not enough, he also killed his shepherd by hitting him with his the shovel.

What I just told you happened yesterday, on May 1st. The man actually caught the coke dealer spreading garbage, called 112, then under his and his kid's eyes, they killed his dog. He called again to the police, told them about the dog, was 'taught' to take pictures and call a vet. That's what the police investigation in Mihoveni in the violent death of the dog. The man had hoped to justice, but when he found himself alone in the middle of the he turned the other cheek. Instead, he thought today he even talked to a lawyer, and, what's more, to our association's lawyer. And that's how the story came to us.

Calin was a young shepherd. He was barely a year old. He was too well-behaved, that's why he was free in the stable. After a day after the village police had been notified, we found him there today. Flat, in front of the stable, and full of flies. The violent death of an animal means a 911 call, a forensic scientist, a veterinarian sealing and transport to ANSVSA for necropsy. On which I did today, all the way. Violent death of an animal, or the intentional and unlawful killing of an animal is a crime under the Animal Protection Act 205/2004. And it is also punishable, also under the same law, by imprisonment for three months to one year. Or a fine, but only for Romanians. Because if you pass the border to the west, and you do the same thing, it changes.

That's pretty much the procedure. Simple. And if the Mihoveni police didn't know, we were patient enough to explain to them exactly how it's done. And we created a precedent for people to learn from! Not to be silent, not to bow their heads or their eyes! Nothing! But to complain, for there is Law!

Calin ended up sealed in a bag at ANSVSA.
It was taken by a veterinarian from Shcheia, together with us and the lawyer of the association. Next week we will have a necropsy report, which will will be used in court. Just as they stood by us and made in all the other cases we've had, we're counting on the support of ANSVSA.
As far as I understand, it seems that the Suceava Public Prosecutor's Office has been informed ex officio. Today.

Thank you to this man who had the courage to stand up and speak out. Thank you to our lawyer today and to this man, Bogdan Voronca. And if we think back, four years ago when the NGO was born. when our NGO was born, when nobody knew us and nobody noticed us. we were going through the paperwork, Bogdan was the only lawyer who supported us pro bono. Otherwise, scores and metropolitan rates. And more thanks to the people of today, the people who helped. But also to who didn't.

As for this joker and big man contemporary of Mihoveni, a sort of protégé with high influences, and he knows what we're talking about, let him learn something today. That justice is done by authorities and in court. Not in the field. And not on his own.