Together, we generate monthly funds to feed homeless dogs

Help with a donation

The donation form is an online fundraising tool to help social causes with micro-donations of € 1 per month (or as much as you want).
No commission is charged and you can stop collaborating whenever you want.


With an open heart, adopt a dog and there will not be a day goes by without thanking him for being by your side.

Why do we need your support?

For animals:

Save the abused dogs
We offer shelter and special care for 350 senior dogs
We help pets that belong to low-income rural owners

To help more and better:

For extra comfort: Ventilation and heating in the shelter
Also for cats: Shelter for elderly cats with disabilities
Special care for seniors


We help abused, neglected, homeless animals
We provide immediate medical care to injured animals found on the streets
We save - We shelter in the best possible conditions - We find a loving family for every dog


Full transparency on how donors' donations are used through online publishing
We fight against animal abusers and against illegal public shelters in Romania
We help poor communities that strive to take care of pets and farm responsibly

Our values

Permanent transparency in the relationship with donors and collaborators
Endurance is one of the most effective weapons we use in the fight for animal rights
Responsibility for rescued animals
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