Bring Romania back home!

It's past midnight and I'm writing to you now when it's quiet. It's just the two of us. Me and you, my Romania! Today is your birthday. And they will celebrate you with parades, with tanks and helicopters, with beans and ciolan. They will sing you strings and remember you, they will call your name and they will wave your flags. Today they will remember you.

I was born here. Here I learned to grow and love. And here I came back every time I left. For your land knows how to call back with thirst and longing, even if it is empty and barren, sold, stolen, cracked or full of thistles. For your birthday I would cover your wounds, heal your weaknesses and teach you the way back home. Because it looks like you got lost too. Then, when you return, I will tell you how beautiful you are and how much I love you!

We, a handful of people, have chosen to take care of your animals, My Romania! For they are so many, and the arms that fight for them so few. We don't have enough time and life to help, heal and love their wounds. And there is so much love to give to give to each one and it still doesn't end. Your animals are many and alone. Some of your children stop to caress them, cover their wounds, and find a home for them. But it's still not good. For the supreme arrogance resounds in our ears like a curse: 'But the old and the orphaned have nothing to eat and you spend money on dogs!' We, this handful of people who have chosen to work under their feet, are not responsible for all the sins of the world. Your state is fighting for children and the elderly. The system and other NGOs are fighting. And if the pain among the animals were less and if we had one hour left in the day, we would fight for humans as well. Because in this life you have to fight an honest fight regardless of the front and the enemies you choose. Whether you do it for people or animals, for the desolate lands that call you home, for the forests that cry under chainsaws and axes, or for your clear waters. Fight for what you want! But fight for something! For a better world! And you who ask us why we are fighting this battle, what are you fighting for? If you do not fight for something, you have no right to choose what we do with our time on earth. And if you fight for something, you will not stumble on our way because you know how hard it is to beat the path of a new beginning. We will never judge you. For together we fight for you, My Romania!

For your birthday, they will light millions of light bulbs for millions of lei. Maybe they won't forget to turn on the lights in their souls. They will say poems to you. And they will sigh that they want a Romania like Abroad. We know we have you, but we treat you as if you belonged to our enemies. What do I want for your birthday? Heal your dehumanization people. Teach those who are hungry for money that there is also a hunger for food. Get those hungry people in the way of people to put them on the table. To those who are no longer satisfied, teach them about humanity. At least today your sons and daughters should put their hearts together and pull on the same cart. To bring you back home from the sights you wereted in. Get you back on your feet. Put water on your roots. To wash away the dust and the sins.

And give wisdom to your leaders! To love and respect you as a Mother! And today when I speak to you the Creed and urge you to wake up, do it with tears in your eyes, with goosebumps, with hope and emotion, with faith and with God! And to remember the moment when they swore with their hand on the Holy Book to defend you!

With masks on their faces, but not on their souls, let's bring Romania back home! Let's draw a rainbow in the sky! Let's kiss her cracked hands and apologize! For we have only one! And we love her so much that we give our lives for her!

Life will follow in her footsteps, and we will allow ourselves to be led by her with love and faith! Sincerely, Roxana!

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