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Marisette 727160

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Adoption Status
Offered for adoption


Gender: Male
Age: 12
Vaccinated: From
Deparazitat: From
Sterilized: Yes
Waist: Medium
Handicap: No
Attributes: good-natured


This is Spizza, an old man who has spent his whole life on the construction site. He ate with the workers, slept next to them, rejoiced when he saw them in the morning and spent the evening with his head bowed as they headed exhausted back to their homes and families. He lived in harmony with people all the time, until the retirement bell rang, and he became too bland, too apathetic, his joints began to lose their mobility, and he could no longer be the puppy he once was. Then he came to us, to the shelter, we nursed him back to health, fed him well and socialized him with his peers. However, one great regret has always lingered in our hearts and that is that he never knew what a real home was. Such a gentle, well-behaved, loving dog never found a human of his own.

And we try our luck this time too, for perhaps among our followers there are still people whose hearts the old man can soften, and in his last days that he has left to live, feel a warm caress, have a bowl of beans and a blanket to lay his head on.

About Spizza we tell you the following:

  He is a 12-year-old male, medium-sized (¬44cm).
  He is very well-behaved, friendly with both adults and children.
  Sociable with other puppies regardless of size, age or gender.
  Completely dewormed, vaccinated and ready to be neutered, with health card, so papers up to date.

 ❤️ Help us to find a home for this orphans because after a lifetime of being subjected to man, he deserves to close his eyes next to one!

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  1. To ensure that the animal donated by us has a decent, stress-free life, which means: unlimited food and water, a comfortable place to sleep, freedom of movement, the possibility to show his (dog) traits in peace. 
  2. Provide qualified veterinary treatment in case of injury or illness. 
  3. Ensure monthly deworming and annual vaccinations. 
  4. Do NOT bully, do NOT mistreat, do NOT punish the animal. In case of behavioural problems, you must contact our association or a qualified trainer. 
  5. Do NOT under any circumstances abandon the animal if you realise it does not meet your standards. 
  6. Do NOT dispose of the animal unless you notify the donor, i.e. our association, in advance and this will ONLY be done with our consent. 
  7. Notify the association if you change the animal's residence and if you change your contact details - telephone number so that we can keep in touch with you. 
  8. Arrange for sterilisation of the animal at the appropriate age if this has not already been done by our association.
  9. Notify the association within 24 hours in case of loss or death of the adopted animal. 
  10. Return the pet to the association if you can NO LONGER afford to care for it, if you move and cannot take it with you, if you do not relate well to it, if it is not compatible with your family and/or if you are not happy with it.
  11. Allow the association to visit the animal, with prior notice, at the request of the association in order to check the conditions provided to the adopted animal and its condition. 
  12. In the event of non-compliance with the provisions and obligations stipulated both in this questionnaire and in the adoption contract subsequently signed by the adopter, our association reserves the right to confiscate the donated animal. 
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