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Marisette 727160

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Adoption Status
Offered for adoption


Gender: Male
Age: 9
Vaccinated: From
Deparazitat: From
Sterilized: No
Waist: Large
Handicap: No
Particulars: gentle


Today we're talking about him too, about Max, the most ornery of the German shepherds that have passed through our arms in the last year. He has been identified as lying in the snow, unable to move, sad and alone, his eyes empty, waiting for his end. The person who took him in didn't think too long, didn't weigh, but made the best decision, coldly. She transported him to the vet, and from there we were able to get involved, to intervene.
Radiological examinations showed that there were no fractures in the hind limbs, but compressed vertebrae which caused temporary paralysis. He was given treatment and it paid off sooner than we or he expected. One day Max stood up on all 4 paws and took the pen to explore. From there, it's all history. We rediscovered the world together, took walks, played in the grass, smelled the flowers, socialized with the other members of his species, and most importantly, formed a bond all our own.

We would be glad if his oasis of peace were to move to a home, away from the noisy and crowded shelter, to a place where he would be loved and properly valued not for his race, but for the bravery with which he began life anew.

About Max we say the following:

  He is a male, German Shepherd, large (¬60cm), 9 years old.
  He is sociable with everyone, people or animals, children or puppies
  He's old, but he's lively, active and full of life
  It's out of the question that he will end up in a chain, we don't give the puppy up for adoption!
  He is dewormed internally and externally, vaccinated, unsterilized as old age implies a risk

 ❤️ You can join us with a distribution! Max thanks you for going through his story!

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  3. Ensure monthly deworming and annual vaccinations. 
  4. Do NOT bully, do NOT mistreat, do NOT punish the animal. In case of behavioural problems, you must contact our association or a qualified trainer. 
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