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Marisette 727160

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Adoption Status
Offered for adoption


Gender: Male
Age: 1
Vaccinated: From
Deparazitat: From
Sterilized: No
Waist: Medium
Particulars: Jucăuș


If we tell you how Luke was found, you will be horrified, but we have to talk about such things, because they are common, often practiced in our country.

Luke is a young boy, a pup, only 1 year old. Someone wanted to hang him and tied him to a tree, then quietly walked home. The dog struggled so hard that he managed to escape, but not anyway, but with a gash on his neck that we'll fix later. Yes, folks, that's what happens in villages! If we marvel at abandonment, at such gestures, how should we react? We are astonished, by the carelessness of some, by the grotesque way of disposing of an animal, by the minimal importance and the infamous chance of life given to it. This is the reality and it is not pretty!

Luke has been in our care for a few weeks now, with care and attention we have managed to treat the wound on his neck, which has closed and only a scar remains, a tattoo, an untold story, an emotion, a trace of humanity left in the world.

We are promoting him for adoption as he is perfectly healthy, eager to be placed in a loving family. About him we tell you the following:

  He is a 1 year old male, medium sized (~37cm).
  He is good-natured, playful, very affectionate with people, but also with other puppies.
  It is suitable for yard life, being an active dog.
  It is dewormed internally and externally, fully vaccinated, neutered.

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  1. To ensure that the animal donated by us has a decent, stress-free life, which means: unlimited food and water, a comfortable place to sleep, freedom of movement, the possibility to show his (dog) traits in peace. 
  2. Provide qualified veterinary treatment in case of injury or illness. 
  3. Ensure monthly deworming and annual vaccinations. 
  4. Do NOT bully, do NOT mistreat, do NOT punish the animal. In case of behavioural problems, you must contact our association or a qualified trainer. 
  5. Do NOT under any circumstances abandon the animal if you realise it does not meet your standards. 
  6. Do NOT dispose of the animal unless you notify the donor, i.e. our association, in advance and this will ONLY be done with our consent. 
  7. Notify the association if you change the animal's residence and if you change your contact details - telephone number so that we can keep in touch with you. 
  8. Arrange for sterilisation of the animal at the appropriate age if this has not already been done by our association.
  9. Notify the association within 24 hours in case of loss or death of the adopted animal. 
  10. Return the pet to the association if you can NO LONGER afford to care for it, if you move and cannot take it with you, if you do not relate well to it, if it is not compatible with your family and/or if you are not happy with it.
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