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Adopt a dog

Add text here for subtitleSemi-wild dogs (that have never lived among humans) rescued from industrial areas are the most difficult cases to become safe candidates for adoption.

The dog must be a friend secure, emotionally stable, ready to live in a family, especially if the family has not had dogs in the past and/or if they have children.

The hound dog that has lived in our modern jungle as a day-to-day survivor, avoiding cars, dangers, dodging people who chase it is easily frightened, unpredictable and takes a long time to trust people.

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Most rescued dogs easily become safe pets, being intelligent, ready to please people, ready to learn the rules of the house, ready to do tricks to beg for a look, a petting and a little attention from people.

Adopt a dog! This way, you not only save a life, you change the future for the better for a soul living alone in a shelter. That's all it takes and it may seem like enough, but it's not.

Adopt a dog and win a friend for life, you create an indestructible bond for which you will thank yourself whenever you are sad and that fur ball will manage to make you smile, whenever you see it glued to your side, especially when you understand that it will never abandon you when you're down, a friend who takes you out into the fresh air, even when you don't feel like it.

But everything comes at a price in the world we live in, and what we ask of you is not to be selfish: if you think you are not ready to give a dog this chance, if you are unsure, don't have enough time or have other priorities, don't take him out of the shelter to give him hope and then abandon him again.


With an open heart, adopt a dog and there won't be a day that goes by that you don't thank him for being there for you.