The home!

Who really wants to adopt a dog, finds the address of the shelter, and us! Alina Gafencu fell in love with Hamlet two months ago, when we were captive because of the covid. Since then I kept in touch, and I hoped he wouldn't change his mind, and give the giant a chance!

Today was the big day, and poor Hamlet went home. A big, good and gentle dog rescued last year from Scheia. He had one ear, the other had been eaten by a years-old infection. Large dogs are difficult to adopt. Those with an even harder disability, or not at all. But there are also People who surprise us with their kindness and wisdom!

We are looking for the right words to thank you!
And to show you our gratitude for the decision you made, to adopt and save an orphaned soul… and not to give money to a purebred dog!

And we urge you all to do good deeds!
And we invite you to adopt! 🖤

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