Abandonment. Phenomenon, plague and resignation

Faces that carry souls, and that come into the world only to know the pain, loneliness, fear, cold and hunger. We are fighting the windmills and it will never end. I'm tired. We have lost our optimism, our hope, and our confidence. It's a war we wage every day. And which we also lose every day.

Messages about chickens flow daily. We get pictures of dwarfs dry with hunger and swollen with worms, and our minds are in place, because we have nowhere to put them. And the fact that we see these images, that somewhere we need help and help, and that we are powerless, means an enormous mental pressure, and a soul consumption that only those who care understand.

Last night five chicks came from a field. One with anal prolapse, with the large intestine protruding and necrotic, operated, discharged, and sent in foster care to Vicov. Exactly in Vicov, because in Suceava no one helps us with fosters. The other four, dry with hunger and full of ticks, stayed in the yard of an old man from Ipotesti, where we have to go twice a day to feed them, and to check them. When do we have time, if the shelter with 300 dogs wakes up in the morning and is waiting for us ?!

On Monday I had rescued a car ironed in front of Dom Polski, both hind limbs broken. Yesterday he underwent surgery, today he was discharged, and now we are driving with him because we have nowhere to take him. If we put him in a shelter, we kill him with parvovirus. He escaped with his life from an accident, at less than two months he withstood anesthesia and surgery, and we killed him like crazy? The other puppies are accommodated in the yard of a lady from Burdujeni. I took one, two, until I reached about 30. I improvised a pen, we helped her as and with what we could, but the woman can't do more than that. Parvovirus also got there, because it was only a matter of time. And we start to lose them… ..

In several clinics in the city we have hospitalized dozens of dying chickens. If they don't have parvovirus, they have babyosis. Chickens whose lives depend on the threads of infusions, far too small and weak to fight the disease, which go out before our eyes, and which make us mentally 12/24. Chickens to be walked, taken and brought from infusions, accommodated, and from the beginning. When do we have time?

We no longer have solutions for chickens. And if we have a surplus of a few hundred lei, after we have paid all the debts at the offices, we will organize another sterilization campaign, that's all we can do. We have done campaigns in the past years, it was good and beautiful, the people were satisfied, we were fulfilled, the dogs were neutered. But a campaign means just a drop of water in an ocean.

Until we have the support and involvement of the authorities, until they realize that NOT slaughtering, huddling and crowding dogs in shelters is the solution, but MASS STERILIZATION, until there are massive and mandatory campaigns in all villages around Suceava, and the gate in the gate, we fight in vain. With windmills, with an incurable plague, with primitive mentalities, with abandonment and with ourselves. And on top of that, the irony of fate is that in all this time a law has been broken. The one on animal protection, in which some smart people have written since 2004 about the obligation of sterilization, about abandonment and sanctions.

And all this time, hundreds of chickens come into the world every day. Do they come by mistake? Or do I come to the wrong world?

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