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Medical services



We offer Food

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Dog Care Fund

10 lei

Helping animals

Abused, neglected, homeless


You can help us to have take care of our furry friends

We offer shelter

 And special care for 350 senior dogs

We offer medical assistance

Immediately injured animals found on the streets

The donation form to be completed is the online tool dedicated to raising funds for the causes our association supports. No commission is charged and your subscription can be cancelled at any time without much hassle!




Patrocle's House Association

Patrocle's House is a non-governmental and non-profit organization founded in 2016, whose members actively campaign for the protection and rights of animals.

We undertake awareness raising, education and information activities to stop collective neglect in terms of deliberate abandonment, organize education campaigns in schools and kindergartens, facilitate access to free sterilizations, organize regular collections and adoption fairs with the aim of increasing conceptual awareness of adopting an animal, intervene in cases of accidents for pick-up, rescue and recovery. Patrocle's House runs an Adoption Centre with a capacity of 300 dogs and a mini sanctuary for large animals (horses and cattle).

As a priority, we address and support keepers and owners whose financial resources do not allow them to provide a good quality of life and comfort for their animals. We aim to build a smile on the face of every animal in distress and save every heart whose fate is unkind!

Help us take our mission forward!

We need volunteers, people who are willing to actively participate in what we do!

In short, we are looking to build a small team that can participate in school activities where we usually talk about animal rights, animal police, how to deal with abandonment, how to care for newborn puppies and more.

We have materials for presentation and we have many requests to hold open lessons with students, but time does not allow us to honor them all.

That's why we're reaching out to the animal-loving community, to young people willing to hone their public speaking skills and overcome their fear of public speaking. As you work with yourselves, you are contributing to the process of raising awareness and educating today's children, tomorrow's adults.

We go to schools in the city and in the village, we also offer volunteer certificates (on request).
If you think you could participate in our project and have a few spare hours to channel in this direction, please write us a message on the page! 💌


For animals

Why do we need your support?

To help more and better:

Rescuing abused dogs
We provide shelter and special care for 350 senior dogs
Helping pets belonging to low-income rural owners
For extra comfort: ventilation and heating in the shelter
For cats, too: Shelter for elderly cats with disabilities
Special care for seniors


Helping abused, neglected, homeless animals
We provide immediate medical assistance to injured animals found on the streets
Rescue - Foster in the best possible conditions - Find a loving family for every dog


Full transparency on how supporters' donations are used through online publication
We fight against animal abusers and illegal public shelters in Romania
Helping poor communities who are struggling to care for pets and farm animals responsibly
Permanent transparency in relations with donors and partners
Endurance is one of the most effective weapons we use in the fight for animal rights
Responsibility for rescued animals









With an open heart, adopt a dog and there won't be a day that goes by that you don't thank him for being there for you.